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Known Issues Announcement - AUG 31

TropicHost01TropicHost01 Posts: 111Contributor Hot Spring Indulger
edited February 2017 in Updates & Announcements

Greetings, Tropic Hosts!

We’re aware of the different issues that players are reporting on the Community channels and the app stores. Rest assured, fixes are on the way! Please see below for the full list of known issues that we’re working hard to resolve in the next release:

  • Facebook Friends: We’ll be addressing the issue where a player is unable to add Facebook Friends from inside of the game.
  • Feeding Reward Animals: We’re fixing a bug that prevents you from successfully feeding the reward animals (e.g. the Dolphin, etc.).
  • Overlapping Guests: We’re resolving the instances where two Guests are populated in one location.
  • Rollbacks: A fix will be included that will address some of the rollbacks occurring on Android.
  • Stuck Machete: We’re resolving the issue where the Machete icon pops up and gets stuck on the gameboard.
  • Stuck on Loading Screen (32% - 35%): We’re adding a fix for some of the issues around getting stuck at 32-35% on the loading screen. NOTE: Android-only.
  • Top Resort Tournament Rewards: We’ve added a fix for the bug that causes the animal prize to change at the last minute.
  • Weekly Resort Rating: We’ll be addressing the issue that changes the Rating Points after a level up for the ‘Weekly Resort Rating’ feature.

For folks who are getting stuck at 17% on their iOS device, please click to view the workaround steps for this issue:

We appreciate your continued patience and we thank you for bearing with us while we squash these pesky bugs. :)

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