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Santa Christmas Quest and the FB Friends issue is creating an Unfair advangage

CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector
edited December 2016 in General Discussion

I also posted this in the Santa thread .. but decided to start an independent thread as well.

Two things:

1) The game isn't notifying when you have Holiday Cheers in your 'Santa Mailbox'. Thus many people don't even know that they have Holiday cheers waiting .. and as such, don't send any back either.
2) The decision to not fix the FB friends issue before this quest came out, has now created an unfair advantage with those who don't have this (FB Friends) issue.

This because those of us with the FB friends issue can't see our FB friends in our Beach buddies and Beach Club market and thus we are unable to trade (aka buy and sell) items with them. Those who don't have this problem, can seem their FB friends and trade with them.

Plus, the Santa Mailbox depends on the FB friends list (aka Beach Buddies) to send and receive Holiday cheers in our Santa Mailbox.

Thus those who have this issue have are at a disadvantage to those who don't have the problem.

Just something to consider ...

Tagging ....

@ArcticF0xx @Princess in Pink @Foo_Fighter


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 469 Smoothie Sipper

    Thanks for sharing these, @CincyLadyGal! I'll include this on the next report.

  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector

    @Foo_Fighter one more interesting thing .. while I still have almost a total 1300 FB friends ... on FB itself ... because of others unfriending me to get their own access, now instead of the 310 plus I used to have, FB reports I now only have 28 FB friends playing the game.

    Yet, I still don't have them in my FB buddies section, nor in my Beach Buddies and Beach Club either.

    It also appears that FB has done yet another change on their website as well and moved things around again.

    To find out how many FB friends I have, this link here no longer works where Farmville TE shows up in it like it did before:

    Now I have to go here:

    to see the number of FB friends I have playing the game.

    Don't know why those 28 friends are not showing up in my game!

    Interesting ...

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 469 Smoothie Sipper
  • BoksshaBokssha Member Posts: 260 Island Enthusiast
    People from my club didnt even know about cheers...there is no notifications...
    And when I go to send or request cheers I need to search people one by one,to send them,and its not even working most of the times.
  • Tink862Tink862 Member Posts: 477 Smoothie Sipper
    Yes if you type their name into the search bar for holiday cheer you can send and receive that way!!
  • WhirewolfladyWhirewolflady Member Posts: 296 Friend of Zemi

    Why have it if they can't get it right. No one is going to type each name in. Sad very sad

  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector
    edited December 2016

    HI everyone ... someone posted this in one of the TE forums on FB (I've x'd out the persons name) in regards to the inability to send out Christmas cheer via the Santa Mailbox since the initial roll out:

    Yes..very frustrating. If you click in the search box and type a letter like A or B or C, etc then press the search button twice, a list of names will come up and you can send. Then click on the request button and send again. There is quiet a bit of lag tho. Wait for the snowman to start glittering again. Don't close the box, it will seem stalled but it is not. It took me about an hour to do each letter...

    @ArcticF0xx @Princess in Pink @Foo_Fighter ...

    Can you pass this along so hopefully they can fix this before the event is over with?

    I noticed for me, that I had to put in like a Capital A, then a Capital B, and so on and hit search. I also noticed while it told me that the gifts went out and the requests were sent, it didn't take away the names like it normally does with sunshine.

    Also using this way, also means that names come up more than once. Otherwise you have to type a known name to get individuals to come up only once.

    The other thing I noticed as well, is that when you're hitting the milestones for getting the Holiday cheer in your Santa Mailbox, that the treasure chests with the random parts never open and you are never awarded them either.

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