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Helicopter help

Kristina0111Kristina0111 Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

I was just wondering if anyone knows what you actually receive when you help someone with a helicopter order? I just filled two help requests for a member of my beach club and when I went back to my island it looked like it had given me some coins and experience. I've noticed that it gifts automatically for you to thank helpers but just curious if anyone knows exactly what you get.


  • Sandra_SSandra_S Posts: 678Member Shipwreck Scavenger
    For helping you get some xp and money. Dont know how much
  • GranweeGranwee Posts: 66Member Sandy Toes
    edited December 2016
    The amounts for each are displayed in the help request box.

    Thusly... By the way, that helicopter order is absurd. The player is at level 25, but who at any level would ever even have 16 dolphin necklaces?
  • CocotaïCocotaï Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Bonsoir. Quelqu'un sait comment faire décoller l'hélicoptère une fois la commande finie ? Merci. Et pour répondre à kristina0111, quand je reçois une aide et que je veux la remercier, ça fonctionne pas bien, visiblement.
  • CrazyHayLadyCrazyHayLady Posts: 971Member Frog Kisser

    Vous devez écrire à Zynga qu'ils peuvent réparer ceci:
    Dans votre jeu, allez à vos réglages cliquez sur le clic de vitesse aide> soutien de joueur> appui de contact remplissent le formulaire. Assurez-vous de donner au joueur son numéro d'identification de jeu, qui est répertorié au bas de l'onglet Aide. Dites-leur quel problème vous avez et ce que vous avez essayé.
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    Loving the newest update!!
  • CrazyHayLadyCrazyHayLady Posts: 971Member Frog Kisser

    @Kristina0111 I think the amount of coins and xp you get coordinates with the value and difficulty of the items you give. Therefore can not give you a perfect number answer.
    Good news is you were able to help! I find if I leave one container open to be filled by me, I also get to send thanks to the helpers.


    Loving the newest update!!
  • JillianJillian Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    I have never received help on an order, but I have helped many. I find that thank you gifts have ranged anywhere from one seared fish, a sunshine, a sugar scrub, most often coins from 325 -700. No idea what determines the gift? The game? The receiver?
  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,220Member Monkey Whisperer

    The game determines the gift sent. I wish we could choose what was being sent to our friends as a gift.

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