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Please post here if you do or do not (still) have the FB Friends issue ....

CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Posts: 357Member Spelunker
edited November 2016 in Bugs & Issues

So, @ArcticF0xx @Princess in Pink @Foo_Fighter

I'm going to do this little survey to see if the number of FB friends a person has could be a contributor to the FB Friends issue in the game. Too bad you guys don't have a survey option for these forums ... so I'll do the best I can here.

To everyone else ...

Can you post here if you even with this morning's new update to the game, are or are not (still) having the FB friends issue in your Beach Buddies, FB friends and Beach Club Market, and either Limited or NO sunshine at all.

Also, on your computer, please go to this link here:

Find the Farmville Tropical Escape game, and post here (even if you're not having the problem as well) how many of your FB Friends that Facebook is telling you play Farmville Tropical Escape game:

If you can provide a screenshot of it as well that would be awesome! It's very important even for those of you who don't have this problem to do this as it might help Zynga troubleshoot the problem and fix it for those of us who have this issue.

I'm still having the Facebook Friends Problem in my FVTE game, and I have according to Facebook, at least 310 Facebook friends who play the game as well:


  • Carebear420Carebear420 Posts: 43Member Shark Bait
    edited November 2016
    My 2 FB friends that play this game don't seem 2 b playing anymore. I need new friends. Lol. Add me!!! (Carie Saad on FB)
  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Posts: 357Member Spelunker

    Interesting ... it doesn't seem like Farmville TE is showing up anymore in my FB list of games.

  • BoksshaBokssha Posts: 260Member Island Enthusiast
    I didnt have friend list only for a short period right after the last update,but I have them again normaly,and sunshine works good.
  • LindaJLindaJ Posts: 8Member Beach Bum

    @CincyLadyGal said:
    Interesting ... it doesn't seem like Farmville TE is showing up anymore in my FB list of games.

    I had to find my link by going into the general "games" link on homepage, then click on the my games tab at the top.

  • LolasLoveshackLolasLoveshack Posts: 29Member Coconut Collector
    There is ZERO RHYME OR REASON when losing coins and not receiving the purchased items. It does NOT have anything to do with wait time!!!!!! Do not believe them!!!!! DO NOT DO TONIGHT'S UPDATE!!!!!! I was hoping it would repair the issue. It only made it worse! Now I can puchase items on the same line, from the same player, and it is a complete **** shoot if I get it or not. IN ADDITION, THEY ADDED A BUG WITH THE UPDATE! NOW THE SUNSHINE PELICAN DOES NOT WORK!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!
  • LolasLoveshackLolasLoveshack Posts: 29Member Coconut Collector
    Yes. I still cannot access "friends " either! Still. Whatever. Just more frustrating!
  • Sandra_SSandra_S Posts: 678Member Shipwreck Scavenger
    My shunshine pelican works fine.
  • Namaof2Namaof2 Posts: 23Member Island Bound

    I do not have my neighbors, they are all missing. And I send sunshine out several times a day.

  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Posts: 357Member Spelunker
    edited January 2017

    Yeah, @ArcticF0xx @Princess in Pink @Foo_Fighter I still don't have access even with the new update to more than just one of my FB friends in the game.

    If I was Zynga, I'd be looking at the coding for the stupid beach buddies section.

    I didn't have any issues nor did anyone else, before the change from the FB Friends toolbar to the hated Beach Buddies.

    Beach buddies sounds cute, and I get that ... but why not roll it back to the other code for the FB Tool bar which was working?

    BTW ... I liked the FB Friends toolbar .. you could see very easily who needed helicopter help and who didn't.

    I also think that somehow the FB friends issues are related to the Helicopter not taking off when you've asked for help as well.

    I've not tried to see if that issue, the helicopter issue that is, has been resolved or not.

    Lastly, if they could at least get the 99 friends in the sunshine section to show up in Beach Buddies parts, I'd be happy with that as well.

  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Posts: 357Member Spelunker

    Woo Hoo! Looks like they finally fixed the FB Friends issues!

    TYVM to @ArcticF0xx @Princess in Pink @Foo_Fighter

    Everyone else ... make sure that you have this version of software, and if not, go to your APP center and download the latest version that I think was just pushed out.

    Then be sure to do a force stop on your game before you go into it.

    As for me, I'm basking in all my sunshine now! Woo Hoo!

  • Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Posts: 1,173Community Moderator Community Moderator

    We're also happy that this issue is now fixed, @CincyLadyGal! :) Thank you for coordinating with us patiently. I'm closing this thread now.

This discussion has been closed.