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Selling to beach club members only

BunniBunni Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

Is it possible to sell exclusively to your own beach club members . It's frustrating to ask for help for an item when someone else other than yourbeach club member snags it before you can? I know in FarmVille two country ecape you have that option. Please help?


  • KatalinaKatalina Member Posts: 239 Souvenir Collector
    @Bunni @Makalea Sadly this is no longer true. Now the timer means nothing towards whether global can see what you're posting or not. They can now see whatever you post the moment you post it.

    Katalina >:)

  • MangoMaryMangoMary Member Posts: 16 Wave Watcher
    I agree, it should go to club first. I sell stuff cheaper to members. All too often Dimitri guy snatches it.
  • WendychicWendychic Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    We used to have a button to make things only available to our friends and beach club. What happened to that option?
  • Island_Haven1Island_Haven1 Member Posts: 10 Caribbean Cruiser
    edited July 17

    Really agree there should be a timer, very short of say 10 mins or less, that allow only club members to buy, then defaults the item to the boat.
    After all the game encourages working together as a team in clubs, so why not give us the ability to do this ?

  • sunnysideupcanadasunnysideupcanada Member Posts: 14 Caribbean Cruiser
    Yes , we need to be able to support our team . It is frustrating to have things snapped up by others .
  • biej5180biej5180 Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    Should have option first : )

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