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A Haunted Adventure!

SilverSandSilverSand Community Moderator Posts: 148 Community Moderator
edited October 21 in FAQs & Game Guides

Mortie, the young son of the Grim Reaper, is back again this year to take us on his version of a haunted house adventure. However, Mortie doesn’t do anything in half measures and haunted houses are SO last century. Besides, Mortie doesn’t just live in any old house. His home is the underworld itself! The Realm of the In-Between!


This Halloween, keep your exploration spells and your wits about you as you compete with other island resorts to see who can explore the farthest reaches of the nether world with young Mortimer Reaper!


If you are at least Level 9, you will be invited to join the “A Haunted Adventure!” event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update, or even reboot your device.



Start this thrilling event by tapping on the Portal to the In-Between.



The event is made up of 2 Leaderboard rounds and each round will last for 5 days. The first round begins on the 21st of October and will end on the 26th of October. You can play the second round starting on the 26th of October until the 31st of October. 


Players compete by making their way through the Nether World. Other resorts will be competing and the one who travels the furthest at the end of the round wins.



You can travel through the Nether World by using Charms.



Charms can be dragged and dropped to clear the way in the Nether World. Clearing Spiderwebs can cause a chain reaction with just a single Charm.


In round 2 you’ll be able to use a brand new type of Charm that will create more Spiderwebs in the Nether World and make progressing through it more exciting!



There’ll be hidden rewards along the path so be on the lookout for them!



You can get more Charms by turning in supplies or purchasing them. Tap on the Get Charms tab to see the orders you can fill up.




Note: All your remaining Charms after the round will be converted into the distance and added to your Personal Goal.


Event Leaderboard


Keep turning in Supplies to travel farther into the Nether World and climb up the ranks on the Leaderboard to win better rewards! 



Leaderboard Rewards are based on the player’s final rank at the end of each round.


Gold Rank in any round - Amara the Mermaid for 7 days! Like Shelly the mermaid, you can hire Amara to find you ingredients and crafts.

Gold Rank in both rounds - You’ll add another 7 days to Amara’s time with you if you win in both rounds.


Personal Goal


You can also win rewards when you reach your Personal Goals. The rewards are based on reaching a specific distance in 24 hours. This goal will reset every 24 hours to allow you to win the next reward. You’ll find your Personal Goals at the bottom of the Nether World tab.




On reaching your Personal Goal, you can choose a random reward. Each item collected is then removed from the list of possible rewards.

The list includes Mortie as a 14 day guide and a Spooky Fire Pit, which is a harvestable decoration.



Temporary Landmark: The Graveyard


Find rare ingredients in the Graveyard to complete your orders.



Temporary Island Guides: Elvira Thorne and Don Gato


You can rent Elvira Thorne and/or Don Gato the cat as Temporary Island Guides to help you out during the event. They will give you a higher chance of finding rare ingredients at the Graveyard and other Landmarks.




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