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Game is blocked because of the Trirreme Challenge

NpradoNprado Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

For more than a month I have not been able to play because when the Trirreme challenge started at level 33, the game stopped because the Trirreme demo has several bugs, when it is explaining how to play it suddenly stops the demonstration and gets frozen in that part and I can not do anything from there (see the image), I have already tried to play in different browsers: Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, the internet explorer and Google Chrome which is the traditional browser that I use, the game stops at that part and does not let me do anything: please help me..


  • SueMSueM Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

    Same is happening to me! Trireme tutorial keeps loading and even if I do it, eventually exits game when nightfall occurs. Unable to do anything else! Happened last time with this event!, couldn’t play for months!!!

  • NpradoNprado Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

    Sorry It's the same to me. At this moment I am going to send all this information to the Zynga support through mail because the other game that I openend with other user was blocked too, they said that My game got " "suspicious score" what a lack of respect, I am really mad. I am going to share with you any answer from them maybe we find a solution for you also.

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