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Finally Fixed!!!

CoconutBlissCoconutBliss Member Posts: 11 Beach Bum
So back in December 2020 I started playing TE again from the beginning but the bug in the Clipboard tasks had gotten worse. I'd started a new game in the fall of 2020 and I'd noticed a bug with the first Clipboard task, where you don't get the reward (10 XP) upon completion of the task. 10 XP lost, no big deal, right? But then the bug grew to the clipboard freezing and you losing all rewards when completing tasks and you had to close out the game entirely when the clipboard froze up. This bug was at this point in December 2020 and I just started playing again. So it took about 3 months for that bug to be fixed. I was uninstalling and reinstalling TE every month, wondering if you guys would ever fix the Clipboard bug, which made the game unplayable. Thanks for fixing the bug, Zynga. But it took 3 months!!!
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