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Live art show is Green

MisdyMisdy Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
edited February 19 in General Discussion

You need to sell tickets of different colors. But it’s so rare to get anything but green. I X out, I fill, green orders, I focus on making the rare blue thing & plain don’t see anything tan.
After 5 hours of nonstop playing, buying the guides & hitting the landmarks needed, I have a whopping FOUR things toward my daily goal of 25.
I am thinking that this game isn’t fun when it’s so stacked against the players. This is the First event I’ve complained about here so you know some evil programmers are giggling in glee



  • darqladydarqlady Member Posts: 30 Dances with Dolphins

    Did anyone in the Glider activity who had the 25 per day objectives EVER get a single badge? I was lucky and had a point dial to fill and I was always able to get that, but people had screenshots of the 25 point objective goal. I don't think it is possible. Even assuming you had a perfect set of tasks come down to fill whatever your objectives were on the left, I don't think you would get them. I will have very little difficulty being in the top three in the race for each of the 5 races, but I will probably finish with no badges since I don't think I can do 8 objectives a day much less 25!

    I agree Misdy, having an impossible set of tasks takes all the fun out. I have resigned myself to not getting any badges and will just work towards the races.

  • DragonmasterDragonmaster Member Posts: 18 Wave Watcher

    I am over this live art show already, refresh all the green ones only to come ack and find it all green again when I need orange ones

  • taraducktyltaraducktyl Member Posts: 12 Caribbean Cruiser

    Yeah, I have 17 green items waiting and i haven't found one blue item.

  • teresacubedteresacubed Member Posts: 34 Dances with Dolphins

    Same as the last event set up like this, hard to get a variety of ticket colors! Not fun! Do give us a chance if you want us to play, Zynga!

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