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it's long past time to stop the Farmville pop-ups in Farmville2

Laura_SWLaura_SW Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

I'm certain I can't be the only one who is greatly angered about the way you cancelled the original Farmville. Now that it's gone, it might be a good idea to STOP RUBBING OUR NOSES ON WHAT IS GONE EVERY 1600 OR SO XP.

Failure to fix this ASAP will force me to find another game with a different company altogether !!! !!! !!!


  • Laura_SWLaura_SW Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

    I started playing the original Farmville when there was only the Home farm !!! I actually subscribed and was a VIP for several years !!! I spent a great deal of time building my many farms and now they are all gone !!!

    QUIT REMINDING ME OF WHAT IS LOST !!! !!! !!! stop the continual popups inviting me to return the the farms that have been bit-binned.

    considering the abysmal (putting it mildly !!!) way you handled the march of technology this time, if I am forced to find another game to move on, I will make absolutely certain it is with a different company

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