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Cave of Wonders Stuck & Can’t collect items

BestlifeBestlife Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist

I am playing on an iPad on IOS 14.2
I have been unable to play for the last week. My game seems to be stuck in a loop. When the game loads it keeps loading back to the submarine departure.
My weekly rating prize shows up each time I open the game.
I am unable to collect the item I’ve created from the workshops to gain Rating Rewards and experience points. When I click on a workshop it does not move the items to the boathouse, the slots are empty and it will allow me to use ingredients to make more items, but I am still unable to collect anything. I posted all of this in the online player support. But since then I have also notices that I cannot reconnect to Facebook. When i try, the connecting to network message just spins.

Please let me know if you can assist with resolving these issues so I can get back to playing.


  • cajunangel3210cajunangel3210 Member Posts: 12 Beach Bum

    Mine is similar

    On my game for some time now beach balls made at ocean emporium store in the barn but cannot be used on dolphins. The same for fried rice made at grill cannot be used at smugglers cave. Other items made are the same way. Can you please help. Haven’t been able to play game at all. Thank you.

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