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The Cavern of Wonders

SilverSandSilverSand Community Moderator Posts: 136 Community Moderator
edited November 11 in FAQs & Game Guides

Our island has always had its secrets, and this comes as no surprise. Ed Walker, a treasure hunter, turns up claiming knowledge of a hidden cavern that holds some of the most precious treasures of the lost Kingdom of Lumeria. Ed and his crew are experts at excavating, but they’ll need supplies to keep themselves refreshed. Kate and Domingo decided to help out - and also tag along with the adventure.

If you’re at least level 9, you will receive a pop-up to The Cavern of Wonders event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update, or even reboot your device.

Begin playing the feature by interacting with the submarine that will appear near the Petroglyph falls.

Tap on the submarine and it will open the Cavern Map.

You can tap on the Chest to try and search for the Keys.

But before that, you need to supply the crew with items. You can search the island for materials to use in crafting the items shown on the orderboard. Each of the items you craft will give out a different number of Survey Points.

Day/Night Cycle

With this event, Tropic Escape is introducing a day/night cycle, wherein you will experience daytime and night-time in a cycling manner and in an interval of 5 hours. Every time there is a change in the cycle, a pop-up appears to indicate the same.

Event Crops

For the first time, events will have their own unique crops. These crops are found by Ed’s crew in the Cavern. They can only be planted during night-time, can grow and be harvested during day and night, and are only available for the duration of the event. These crops can be traded in the trade boat.

There are 2 unique crops:

• Pink Berries
• Royal Corn

Event Trees

The event has also 3 new trees, that are located near the helipad and are only available for the duration of the event. All of them produce 2 fruits every hour, but one of them only produces fruits during night-time.

Once you have collected enough Survey Points, you can enter the Cavern to search for Keys. You can choose to either get an Expert or Novice Explorer. You’ll have a higher chance of finding rare event items by hiring an Expert Explorer!

The mini-game screen will pop-up. You will have a fixed number of Trowels that you can use to tap on tiles and reveal what’s underneath. Tapping on a tile will consume 1 Trowel.

Uncovering a tile will give you random rewards: either small rewards or the Lumerian Key.

Once the Key is found, you have to restart the search after supplying more items to the crew.

When you have collected enough Keys, you can open a Treasure Chest. There are different Treasure Chests that you can unlock. These are:

• Iron Treasure
• Bronze Treasure
• Silver Treasure
• Gold Treasure
• Crystal Treasure
• Legendary Treasure - Bonus

Lightning Rewards

Each Chest has a unique reward called the Lightning Reward. These are limited in number and make sure you claim it before other players.

Each Treasure Chest has a set of rewards. Bigger Chest means better rewards.

What are you waiting for? Tag along and explore the ruins in the hidden cave. Who knows what new surprises lay within!

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