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JavaScript Unity Error Workaround

ChiibisukeChiibisuke Community Moderator Posts: 244 Community Moderator
edited September 2020 in Bugs & Issues


We've seen many reports about being unable to load the game due to JavaScript Unity Error.

To get this resolved, click here and try performing initial troubleshooting on your browser first.

If you are still receiving the error, please follow the steps provided below (suggested browser is Google Chrome):

1. Press F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + I on your keyboard or right-click outside the game screen and click "Inspect" to open the developer console.

2. Click on the "Application" tab.

3. On the left-hand side, under "Storage", click on the arrow for "IndexedDB" to expand it and you should see a "/idbfs -" database.

4. Click on it then select the "Delete Database" button. It should show a message saying that the database will be deleted when all the connections have been closed.

5. Refresh the page and the game will re-download the assets it had previously cached in that database (re-creating the database) and you should now be able to access your Island normally again.

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