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The Enchanted Grove

SilverSandSilverSand Community Moderator Posts: 129 Community Moderator
edited July 29 in FAQs & Game Guides

Feature Overview
This a brand-new permanent feature for the base game that unlocks at level 19. Players can craft a new enchanted version of each recipe to complete orders that earn them extra coins, XP, and Feed. Earning Feed will attract fascinating new mythical creatures to the Enchanted Grove, where they can be fed to earn awesome rewards.

Fiction Overview
After a particularly wholesome belch from our resident god Zemi, the island just to the south of the resort rose up to the surface. But it turns out that this is no ordinary island. On it are plants never before seen in the tropics, a Magical spring of ancient powerful energy, and a mysterious cave leading deep into the earth.

On closer examination, we find out that the magical energy from the spring can be used to enchant our crafts to greatly increase their value.

But the biggest surprise lies in the depths of the mysterious cave. In it live all sorts of creatures from myth and legend, from the mighty dragon to the fluffy little Jackalope. They are as excited to see the surface as we are to see them.

The Enchanted Grove
The Enchanted Grove is a fascinating new addition to the tropic resort. Its located to the south of the main island and will house the new Mythical Creatures coming up from the cave. You can also place decorations here to make it a wonderful place for your new friends to call home.

The Mysterious Cave and Magical spring are also located on this island. Tap on the cave to see which Creature is curious and ready to join your Tropical resort.

New Mythical Residents
There are 6 new Mythical Creatures that have appeared at the cave so far.







Gameplay Overview

To get new mythical creatures and feed them the player will have to go through the following steps.

Make Enchanted crafts using Ether -> Deliver those crafts in the at the guest or helicopter order-board to earn Feed -> Earning enough feed will attract creatures to the resort -> Use the feed on the mythical creatures to get rewards.

Let’s look at each aspect in detail.

The player earns 1 Ether automatically every 10 mins, even when they are not in the game. The amount of ether the player has is displayed in the top left corner of the screen under Sunshine.

The player can earn more Ether by:

Visiting friends with mythical creatures:
Visit friends that have mythical creatures and feed them to earn extra Ether. They can feed animals up to 5 times every 12 hours to earn 1 Ether for every feeding.

Buy Wells at the Market:
The player can buy Ether wells at the market for more ether.
The shallow ether well can be bought for 1000 coins and will drop 3 Ether every 3 hours and will stay on the island for 2 Days.
The deep ether well can be purchased for 60 gems and will give 10 Ether every 3 Hours and will stay on the island for 3 Days. The player will have to tap on the ether generated to collect it.

The player can only hold up to 10 Ether at a time.

Enchanted Crafts
Any basic recipe in the game (Other than recipes specific to the cruise and events) can be imbued with Ether to create its enchanted version. Tapping on the toggle button will switch between the enchanted recipes and normal recipes. Each enchanted recipe will require 2 Ether to craft. They will be marked with a Star symbol

Order boards and Feed
Guest and Helicopter Orders will now ask for Enchanted recipes. By delivering these orders the player can earn Feed. They will earn 1 feed for every Enchanted craft delivered in that order.

Attracting Mythical Creatures
Earning feed will attract the Mythical Creature to stay on the island. The player does not need to spend feed to get the creature, simply earning the feed will fill up the bar.

Once The bar is filled the player can drag and place the animal on to the new island.
If the player is not able to earn enough feed in time the animal will leave and another will come up to take its place. The player will need to earn feed again to attract the new animal.

Feeding Mythical Creatures and Rewards
Once a new Creature is placed on the Island the player can give it some Feed. Tapping on the animal and dragging Feed to it will grant the player awesome rewards. The creature will then go into a cooldown after which it can be fed again.

Each animal gives unique rewards

Jackrabbit: Sunshine
Phoenix: Vanilla, Iron Ore or Silver
Dragon: Crystals
Nekomata: Sand Dollars
Cockatrice: WRR Points
Griffin: Showbiz Bucks

The creature will stay on the island for 4 days after it is placed.
The Enchanted Grove can only hold 5 animals at a time (not including the Jackrabbit).

The player can remove creatures before they leave by tapping and holding on the creature and then tapping on the remove button

Unlocking better Rewards
Unlock better rewards by attracting the same type of animal multiple times. How many times the player has attracted each animal can be seen on the Mythical Encyclopedia page (Tab 3). Tapping on the reward icon will tell the player how many times they must attract that animal to unlock better rewards.

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