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Boosters Not Working/Appearing for all in Beach Club

tigger13phxtigger13phx Member Posts: 1 Daydreamer

A - When a Club Member activates a Booster(s) it is not appearing on the booster tab or activating the booster on other islands within club.

We can see on the chat tab that a booster is activated but that is it -just a chat notification.

The workaround that works sometime is that you must activate an additional booster for it to appear and work on your island. This is not a workaround that is beneficial to all within club as there are 20 members in a club and only 5 slots to activate a booster - so in theory only the original member who set of booster say 3 for 1 item and then only 2 other club members can benefit from it as there is only 2 slots left so 17 other members of the club are not able to use the booster.

B - There is no error message.

C - I don’t have a screenshot.

D - Force-closed and restarted app does not rectify the issue

E - Laptop (Dell), Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy A6. Other Club Members are not available to get their device information


  • sallynsallyn Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

    I can;t help either; tells me to update game (it just was 7/2020)?..I switched beach clubs; it was working

  • pendragonpendragon Member Posts: 13 Caribbean Cruiser
    Running android on an oppo phone.

    The boosts are not working properly. Only three or 4 items are boosted but the rest come off at their normal time. I just ran a Tiki bar boost and only 4 items came off and the other 4 are back to normal production times. I have 8 slots on the Tiki bar. I always make sure I load my production lines up before running a boost so this should not happen. Very annoying as i loaded up the Tiki bar with bubble teas and passion punches. Please fix thanks.
  • tropicdebtropicdeb Member Posts: 129 Starfish

    Yep, same here club member activated a crop for crafting points, I could see it, got NOTHING!!! restarted too, didn't work. And it was right after another update... SO DANG MAD!!!

  • pendragonpendragon Member Posts: 13 Caribbean Cruiser
    This boost issue is still happening. Once again ran boosts on tiki bar but only 3 came off 3 minutes and all the rest took their normal time... Very annoying as I loaded it up woth bubble teas and passion punch... ZYNGA PLEASE FIX!
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