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akiyaakiya Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
1. U categarized dis game as single player, but v r forced to play in clubs ,honestly it is worst part for single player

2. V look for events 2 b fun but , dey r mostly r club events, it literally takes all d fun away.

3.n why everthng whether its event ,cruiz or resort ratin, is competative, v play for fun not for olympics.

4.worst part of ur all events is ,if u dnt get in 1st placed ,basically u get nothin,

5. N many ppl r at d same level but der club rankings r different, player wid higher rankin always hav adv in evry events ,basically dey takes over game frm d start n rest just keep on hangin.

6. N one and only indivisual game islant stage ,it basically s...ks, y it is even der, it is waste of everhing,players data ,effort n yes electricity too, plz remove i

7. 2nd plz make sure everytim v get to see how much xp or coin v r gettin ,in those events supply, somtimes it is not shown .

8.improve your events ,make dem better for indivisual players


  • cowboytrickscowboytricks Member Posts: 83 Sun-lovin' Surfer

    Hello Akiya sorry to hear you feel this way about the game, sounds like it’s just not the game for you, I didn’t want to join a club and now it’s the best part of the game.
    Love the game, love the events and love my club...
    Yes there are a few glitches and cheaters but all in all it’s a really fantastic game with lots of fun challenges.
    The Zynga support team are great and very understanding If you have a problem,
    Happy gaming :)

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