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Love the game but, would like to see some changes

LaydeeDarknissLaydeeDarkniss Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

I love this game so much. Not just because of the gameplay itself but because of the social aspect within the game. Love being able to play with my friends at the same time and making new friends also. **The things I’d like to see changed though is:

1- I’d like to be able to trade/sell every item for the cruise, you guys kinda made it impossible to help teammates and right now most can’t afford to pay for gems to complete orders so they are just quitting the game (we’ve lost 5 teammates this week because it’s becoming not fun and they aren’t playing anymore.

2-I’d like to see Landmark boosts since most don’t have the time to wait 4 hours for barely enough items to make one item in a cruise order and it’s making game play dull and stale.

3-I’d like to be able to have more friends on the buddies list, there shouldn’t be a cap.

4-I’d like to be able to re-add a buddy after I remove them. So many people are losing interest in the game and quitting that I’d like to be able to re-add buddies I’ve had to remove to make space because of the cap.

These opinions aren’t just mine, they are from hundreds of others in groups on Facebook and I completely share their views. We aren’t asking for unreasonable things, we just see people everyday leaving the game because the fun is starting to fade.
Again, I love the game a ton, just feel like a few small changes could really help.


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