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No thanks for helping people with their copters!

BeachbumbarBeachbumbar Member Posts: 22 Island Bound

I help people out with copter orders but I no longer get the thank you gifts\money for doing so ? Been happening since Christmas! Often help just random not all from my club .What is going on ?


  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,337 Monkey Temple Trekker
    edited March 2020

    @Beachbumbar i have notice the same thing you are mentioning about helping out and not receiving the rewards. I have my club do a test and found out that if a member only leaves items for others to fill, when they fill it you don’t get the chance to send a gift it just disappear (this problem was there previously, but at one point was rectify, now it’s back) so in our club, we always leave one items for the heli for ourselves to complete when we receive help for others, permitting us to send a gift to each other.

  • BeachbumbarBeachbumbar Member Posts: 22 Island Bound

    Thanks good advice but not help if I do it for people who are not on my chat come on zynga sort it out !lol

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