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Game Freeze when Adding 5th Boost

WalcnevarWalcnevar Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

a. I have been noticing for a few months now that when I add a 5th boost card, the game freezes on an activating screen. It seems to not matter whether I have placed the prior 4 boosts or not. Sometimes I have placed the other 4 and sometimes I have not, but always (yes, always) if I am the person to place the 5th boost the game freezes. The activating circle still spins, but it will spin indefinitely.
b. No error message. Just an ongoing freeze.
c. One Screenshot attached.
d. I have walked away from the game to let it spin in hopes of it fixing itself, only to come back an hour and the activation circle is still spinning (thus wasting my boosts I used). I now just force close and open it again so I am not wasting any boosts. The game then resumes as normal and my 5th boost is activated.
e. I am playing on an iPad IOS.


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