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Event are ridiculously hard on supplies

TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,312 Monkey Temple Trekker
edited January 14 in General Discussion

I don’t know about you, but i find the we are getting lots of events at the same time which in turn are getting ridiculously hard on supplies, and less and less benefits for doing so. Like right know, a cruise (which I really like), then the finding clues event which need to craft special items at same workshops as the cruise, and then the stage event, which also requires to craft at those specific workshops, all while all of these are using time and supplies. You achieve the cruise goal to get a minimum of 3 and 4 xp boost, maybe one or two cp boosts if you are lucky and really almost no frenzy’s. Same goes for the habitat pictures, the boosts bottle have reduce it’s frenzy drastically.
And in a couple of days you will add the resort tournement, and just saw a new event will be added in six days....come on, please provide better rewards, and maybe once in a while a Sunshine day or provide a way to opt out of these events.
Just my two cents!


  • TopazTopaz Member Posts: 44 Shark Bait

    I'm working on the stage and am finding the same repeat items getting requested and have yet to see an order for the seafood rolls. I'm already running low on cotton and am glad someone was selling silver as my supplies for the cave were already used up.

  • MeldoMeldo Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    It also is ridiculous that we lose any supplies we had for the stage event when it ends and we start a new one. It's a shame and I love the game and like the events but it is hard to keep up.
  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,312 Monkey Temple Trekker

    @Meldo I agree with you, why take away our crafts?

  • kvarneykvarney Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    Our Island is in agreement that these Events are not fun when it takes way TOO LONG to make the crafts needed!!! Should not take 40 minutes to maybe get 1 ingredient then have to go make the crafts!! The entertainment island is RIDICULOUSLY difficult, and not fun!
    We all agree we play to have FUN!!!
    I often just don't even feel like it's a game! More often it feels like a chore.
    It's an Island, supposed to be a fun get away from the difficulties of daily life!
    Manzanita Bloom Island :)
    Please make it fun doesn't need to be a drag!
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