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Change the Color of Youre name

MootjuhhhhMootjuhhhh Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

Hoe can i change the color of the name from my home?


  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,686 Lava Lounger

    Go to Settings>>Click on change Inn name>>Now you will be adding a code to your name. In front of your name, you will add this [c] and then you will add a code for the color.

    Here are just some of the codes for colors but if you do a search online for color codes you can find more:
    Red [FF0000]
    Blue [0000FF]
    Purple [800000]
    Green [00FF00]
    So this is an example of how I would do this if I wanted my name to show as blue:
    [c][0000FF]My Paradise

    You may have to adjust the number of letters in your island name if you have too long of a name. (FYI: all of the 0's are zeros not the letter O)

    Like I mentioned above if you don't want the colors I used, just search online for color codes and you will get the codes for more colors.

    As for italics you will add [i] in front

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