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Light Camera Action

Florence99Florence99 Member Posts: 7 Beach Bum

I just don’t get this. How does it work. I make stuff and I always miss out on the shows as they are 8 hour intervals.


  • SarahLouiseSarahLouise Member Posts: 116 Hot Spring Indulger

    I just gave up on it. The items take too long to make and use too many resources. The 8 hour time frame makes it stressful. If enough players refuse to participate zynga will have to get rid of it or improve it.

  • Florence99Florence99 Member Posts: 7 Beach Bum

    I agree. It take way too much time and life is just to short!

  • cowboytrickscowboytricks Member Posts: 83 Sun-lovin' Surfer

    I have been playing this from the start, hope it dosnt get removed because really enjoying it :)
    Unfortunately not everyone got it which is a real pity ... love the decorations... and super craft is very handy, I agree the start was tricky but now get 400 points head start more times than not.
    I make all the stuff flat out at the start and by the end of reset have nothing left :)

  • alsh1alsh1 Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

    I've given up on this. It's too resource hungry and I don't intend to live on the game all day to meet the need to make all the resources. With the 8 hour time frame it's fine to start it in the morning but no later as I eventually need to sleep at night. When I wake up, I've run out of time. I'm ignoring this and playing the parts I like of this game (which is pretty much everything else).

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