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Weekly Tournament Player Levels

Everyone seems to get placed with a lot of much higher level players in the weekly tournament and cannot possibly compete with their extended resources. I suggest placing players with a 10 level bracket to improve fairness. E.g. If you are a 42, you should compete with levels 40 through 50 NOT have to play against level 90's. To be placed in that situation only encourages cheating. I have seen many players with high scores in the millions and there is no way other than cheating to a complain that number.


  • ChiibisukeChiibisuke Community Moderator Posts: 256 Community Moderator

    We appreciate your feedback and suggestion for the Top Resort Tournament, @The_Jolly_Roger_99. We have taken note of this and will have it forwarded to the team to be included in their reference when making improvements in the game. Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a merry Christmas.

  • KiyaKiya Member Posts: 6 Tropical Tourist

    I agree. My daughter started playing a few days or a week before I did and is in a much lower group than I am. There's no way to compete players that have 240,000 points to my 46,000 points. Also on her helicopter orders the qty needed is much lower than mine How do get quantity 12 for 1 hour crafting time The copter is only there for13 hours. How is that fair?

  • ConestogacarolConestogacarol Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    Put those that have a high score of over two billion into their own brackets. Then those of us who play the game by YOUR Rules can compete with each other on a level playing field.

  • alhasa4ualhasa4u Member Posts: 12 Caribbean Cruiser

    For whatever it is worth I have contacted Zynga on the problems with the weekly tournament including letting sandbaggers who are at level 60 or 80 not scoring any points the first few days so they can be included with the lower level people when the ranking come out on thursday. I have also showed them that the so called Expert sites are just sandbaggers who do not score points to keep them in lower level players so they can easily beat the and maintain the expert status when they have never scored 30,000 points. The tournament is a haven for cheaters.

  • alhasa4ualhasa4u Member Posts: 12 Caribbean Cruiser

    Here is an example I sent to Zynga.

  • alhasa4ualhasa4u Member Posts: 12 Caribbean Cruiser

    I sent them both examples of these and those who had low scores on current and high scores over 1,000,000 points. They should be made to compete again people who score not other sandbaggers.

  • TitchubaTitchuba Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

    To respond to Kiya from 2020. Yes the helicopter may only be there for 13 hours your if you look at it before it arrives it tells you the items it will be asking for. Therefore, you can be prepared with most of the items you still need in advance. Hope this helps.😉

  • debWdebW Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist

    WHy are you moving people around during a tournament???? I used alot of gems and boosts to get into first place, then you move me into another tournament and now i'm third! WHY????????????????????????????? NOT FAIR. Who wants to play tournament if you keep switching players around DURING the tournament!!

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