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Save Santa's Village

SilverSandSilverSand Community Moderator Posts: 129 Community Moderator
edited March 23 in FAQs & Game Guides

Santa’s village needs saving in this Holiday event! The village was attacked by a rampaging snow monster named Alabaster! All elves are scattered, and production for the holidays is at a standstill! But Santa believes that the monster was only trying to express himself and will change once he’s able to chat with him.

You will have 9 days and 23 hours left to help Santa. Come now! No time to lose! Let’s load the sleds and ship some supplies back right away!

Let us help the villagers get back on their feet. Use these Reindeer Sleds to send holiday supplies back to the village!

You will have to drag your crafted supplies to fill the Reindeer Sled. For any supplies that you send with the sled, you will be awarded points. Get more points to win more prizes!

Each sled will tell you if there are particular items that are currently 'In-Demand' at Santa’s Village. In-Demand items are supplies that we need urgently, so you’ll get bonus points when you load them onto the sleds and deliver them on time.

Your Reindeer Sled is now ready to be shipped! It will give you 2x Points because of the In-Demand items that you have used.

Santa promised that he will bring back the supplies faster, but the sleds usually take 10 minutes to travel. Use this time to stock up on supplies. Once the Reindeer Sled has returned, it will be packed with a lot of rewards!

You can track down your Points and Personal Goals by tapping the Goal Flag tab on the left side of the feature menu. Earn Points to complete your Goals. Complete the Goal on time to win extra rewards!

To store all the holiday supplies that you made, Santa has given you a separate Storage Deck so your Boathouse and Silo won’t clog up!

You can also upgrade your Storage Deck with Lifting Hooks to hold more items. You can find these hooks each time your Sleds has returned and at your Sunken Temple.

Joy has recruited more island resorts to help out and they will be grouped into 3 teams. Santa has come up with an idea to create a little competition between teams. You will be automatically included in a team. Now, everyone needs some extra motivation! Come and take a peek at what’s happening at Santa’s Village.

You can see your Team Rankings by tapping the Community tab on the left side of the feature.

All teams will win Unlimited Sunshine a team reaches the Point target! The first one to reach it will have the longest duration of Sunshine!

Final Team Rewards

The final team rewards will be based on your team’s final rank and the number of personal goals that you have completed.

First Place
Personal Goal 1 - Coins
Personal Goal 2 - Very Merry Reindeer Decoration
Personal Goal 3 - 3 Silver Sand Dollars (if you are level 24 or higher) or 3 Quicksand (if you are below level 24), 4 Treasure Keys
Personal Goal 4 - extend temporary farmhand Alabaster’s stay for 10 days!

Second Place
Personal Goal 1 - Coins
Personal Goal 2 - Merry Reindeer Decoration
Personal Goal 3 - 2 Shovels, and 3 Storage Parts

Third Place
Personal Goal 1 - Coins

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