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Sunshine not increasing

smokkee911smokkee911 Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
edited December 2019 in Bugs & Issues

I can use sunshine and the quantity goes down but when I accept it the quantity is not going up. I have force restarted it on my iOS and it did not resolve the issue.


  • LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Community Moderator Posts: 422 Community Moderator

    Appreciate the workarounds you've performed, and no worries, @smokkee911. You'll just need to utilize them if you already have 18 or more Sunshine so you can receive more. For more info, please check this article. Thanks.

  • smokkee911smokkee911 Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist

    Hi Lexa
    Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the max number of sunshines, that however is not the issue. An example would be if I am down to 8 sunshine, I use accept all and it appears that they are being accepted up to the max but my sunshine total stays at 8. It seemed to resolve itself but then started doing it again. Accepting them one at a time worked but using the accept all option, regardless of the quantity required to get me up to 20, the quantity would not increase and I would lose any sunshines I accepted. :/

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