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Find Beach Clubs & New Members - December 2019

ChiibisukeChiibisuke Community Moderator Posts: 194 Community Moderator

Promote your Beach Clubs here, Tropic Hosts! Make sure to provide the needed information below so that it will be easier for other players to decide which Club to join.

  • Beach Club XP
  • Number of Guests shared by your members in the last week
  • Current Number of Members


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Thank you!


  • She_devil1088She_devil1088 Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    I'm looking for members for my new club. I currently have only 2 members. We are very helpful. I am just looking for people who want to play and have fun. The club name is Snowbirds
  • ChrisWChrisW Member Posts: 155 Reef Diver

    “Too Much Coffee” club looking for additional members level 20 and up. Cruise participation and chatting nice but not mandatory. No cheaters. Average level 47, includes levels 20 to 87. We answer questions and “please” and “thank you’s” will get you anything you need! We normally only have a spot or two open, but have a few due to cheaters being evicted.

  • teresacubedteresacubed Member Posts: 27 Coconut Collector

    Hello! "Love game players" is looking for new members who play several times weekly and willing to participate in cruises to win prizes for all. Our XP (average level) is 42 but we will take beginners and up! We help by sending guests (at least 5 per member per week) and filling chopper orders. We currently have 13 member and looking to expand. We don't believe in cheating, but if you want to buy gems and use on cruises, we will happily fill orders!

  • teresacubedteresacubed Member Posts: 27 Coconut Collector

    she_devil1088, "Love game players" would love to have you and your friend join our club!

  • She_devil1088She_devil1088 Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    edited December 2019
    That sounds great I will look you up. I asked to be added my game name is seaside inn (Pam). The other member of my group is beach cove inn. I'll have her send a request also. Thank you
  • The_Jolly_Roger_99The_Jolly_Roger_99 Member Posts: 7 Beach Bum

    Game Of Bones is currently open to 5 new active members. We have lost several team members who have quit the game. If you are a DAILY PLAYER, SOCIABLE, TEAM MINDED and WANT HELP LEVELING then we would love to have you join our merry band of pirates. Our current avg player level is 42, last week' average WRR 24,173 with 107 shared guests. We play fairly. Our #1 rule is that if a team member is not supporting the team then they will walk the plank (be booted). We understand that real life comes first so if you are planning on being absent just say so. Don't randomly disappear or you risk being booted because we don't know what is going on. We are upfront with our expectations, no free-loading stowaways allowed.
    Thanks for considering our team!
    The Jolly Roger, Leader

  • SunShineKidSunShineKid Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum
    NEW CLUB! Please check out STARSHINE BAY...need daily, friendly competitive cruise & tourney players... Reasonable minimum requirements to stay. Slackers r removed.. come have fun to win!
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