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LazyDaysLazyDays Member Posts: 74 Flirting with Flamingos
With the new update there is supposed to be a new waterfall for us to start. Some of my club members have it but a lot of us don't. Why not roll it out at the same time for everyone because we only have so long to get it done.

So who else still does not have it? I am starting to hate this game. If you can't roll stuff out for everyone then wait until you can. It's not that **** hard.


  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,688 Lava Lounger

    I don't have it either and I think just about everyone has it in my club.

  • KaromiKaromi Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Very frustrated with the reduction of lava rock rewards for filling board orders. Now down to one. Ridiculous! They dont seem to know how to run this part of the game.
  • SarahLouiseSarahLouise Member Posts: 128 Starfish

    I'm fed up with the reduction too. I don't know why the people at zynga think it's a good idea to make things so hard to achieve. Last time I only had the boost for three days before the whole thing expired. This time I was just starting to make a bit of progress and actually earned an extra day's boost. Then they cut the number of rocks from the order board and helicopter so now finishing it looks impossible. It's really not an incentive to play, Zynga!

  • LazyDaysLazyDays Member Posts: 74 Flirting with Flamingos
    Yes it's messed up how they do that. I have found that the new game they put with it gives you more building parts then the berry popping one. I like the other one more.

    Good luck hope everyone gets it done in time to use it.
  • McWomble64McWomble64 Member Posts: 173 Parties with Monkeys

    I have the new waterslide from the pop rocks game. I was annoyed with the reduction to 1 rock per order board, so I pushed harder of heli orders and cruise ship orders. Now that it is completed my order board is back up to giving 3 rocks per order.

    The extra thing I like is when you have to bonus happening you also get builder tokens for all fruit hits.

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