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Catch The Monkeys Caption This! Contest 2019

ChiibisukeChiibisuke Community Moderator Posts: 193 Community Moderator

Can you CAPTION THIS picture! The best caption wins some amazing rewards on #FarmVille2TropicEscape.
For Best Reference: Head to your Island and Find the Monkeys!

💻 web -
📱 mobile -


  • tazbell23tazbell23 Member Posts: 12 Caribbean Cruiser
    I just watched the person im competing with go from 80 monkeys to 124 in less then 2 minutes. How could 44 monkeys be obtained that quickly and i get 3 monkeys that appear on opposite ends lol oh thats right zynga does nothing to cheaters. This game use to b fun now it just sucks
  • DillyDallyDillyDally Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

    Well, if you have a lot of items already crafted, and activate the bonus for 3000 coins, you get 4 steps for 1 item (on most, some cost 2) then it is just a matter of clicking your way through the board. 2 minutes to get 44 takes some clicking, but dont count on everything others do will show in real time.

  • trishaootrishaoo Member Posts: 15 Wave Watcher
    Monkey see monkey do, monkey hide the fruit from you 🍌
  • leighanndleighannd Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

    I had a lot of craft items made but couldn’t win the 5 rounds so I just kept them until this afternoon. I needed space so I used them all and yes, I have Gobs of monkeys. I play by myself and don’t cheat, it just happened to turn out this way. Trust me if I thought I would win a round I would’ve used them earlier, but why use them when you know you’re not going to win that round. Just save them and try the next round.

  • cowboytrickscowboytricks Member Posts: 94 Seashell Collector

    Could you cheat on this game ? ... you could get 44 monkeys in two min easy... first two games where a walk in the park ... giving me a lot of stock in storage. Crafting was really good and dives where nicely balanced... our club really enjoy it, with a few club members getting 5 out of 5 rounds :)
    Statue looks awesome also :)
    Thank you for another great side game

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