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Portal to Purgatory

SilverSandSilverSand Posts: 121Community Moderator Community Moderator

There’s something strange going on the island. Kate braces herself as an eerie mist rolls in from the sea. It can only signify one thing - the arrival of Baron Samedi! The evil witchdoctor is back, but his cursed bride, Drusilla, is trapped in another ghostly dimension. She was accidentally sent there when the Baron was trying to bring DK the zombie back to life. Baron Samedi intends to use the island’s magic and the power of the volcano to bring Drusilla back to him. Now, you have to counter the Baron’s spells to protect your island.

If you’re at least level 9, you will receive a pop-up to the Portal to Purgatory event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update, or even reboot your device.

You can start off the event by tapping on the Portal to Purgatory. This eerie swamp will become more elaborate as each of the 4 stages of the event is completed.

Collect special event ingredients from around the island to craft materials that will be used to counter Baron Samedi’s magic and protect your guests. You’ll earn points every time you craft and collect these items.

When you've collected enough points, you'll win rewards and move on to the next stage of the event.

You can craft items in the Survival Raft. This is a temporary workshop that Domingo put together in case Samedi wins and the crew has to escape the island.

Complete all 3 stages within the given time to get Drusilla Childe, the ghost bride, who will stay on your island as a guide for the next 10 days!

Once the 3 stages are complete, you’ll unlock a 4th stage – the bonus stage! Continue earning points in this stage to add more days to Drusilla’s stay on the island. This bonus round can be replayed up to 5 times, until the time for the event runs out.

Temporary Island Guide: DK the Zombie

Let DK the Zombie direct your search for charmed event ingredients. He will give you a higher chance of finding rare event items and more!

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