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Why do we get moved in tournaments?

BoraBora62BoraBora62 Member Posts: 51 Pineapple Purist
edited September 2019 in General Discussion

Why does Zynga move people in the middle of tournaments? it has happened to most everyone in my club and also to many others. Today I was playing in the tournament doing boosts to secure my 1st place a bit better. After the boosts were done I found I had been moved to a different tournament! and that is not all, the top 3 in the new group has millions and billions of points, so not a chance in the world to proceed in the tournament.

Many have said, that obviously Zynga does not want some people to play? are we not buying enough gems maybe? I have heard people who work with games similar to this game say that the game help those that spend the most money on the game... so if a "low spender" person goes past a "high spender" in the tournament, Zynga moves the "low spender" away to some other group where he/she has not a chance to win.

Is this true?

In the pic you can see the top three in the "new group" I was all of a sudden moved to right in the middle of boosting.... what a "class act" to treat players like that, and we are many that are being moved this way seemingly without reason. Oh well, yes, for using boosts actually... or not being able to spend enough money on the game?

I think a lot of people would like to know, why are we being moved right in the middle of playing the tournament, loosing all the hard work we have done?

It looks like there`s no point to continue playing in the tournament.


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