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Space Splashdown

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Posts: 364Community Moderator Community Moderator

COSMOS (the Consortium Of Scientists Manning Outer Space) wants to celebrate the success and return of the space shift, Vidalgo. It is scheduled to splashdown somewhere near your island, and so COSMOS decided to send some of its scientists to stay at the resort to welcome back to earth their space voyaging heroes.

Claire the dog, has spent almost 3 months in space with her handler and astronaut, Halley Hunter. Halley has already entered orbit and is looking forward to spending some downtime on the island, but Claire will splashdown in another pod about a week later. Claire’s awaited eagerly as she has the distinction of being the first dog to go walkies on the moon.

So get ready to throw a party that is out of this world for the men and women of COSMOS.

If you’re at least level 9, you will receive a pop-up to the Space Splashdown event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update, or even reboot your device.

Start off the event by tapping on the Stargazer Space which is an observation area where peeps can look at and study space. It is an area near the beach which gets improved and decorated while you finish each stage.

Temporary Workshop: Splashdown Pod

Make wrenches at the Splashdown Pod and use them to open the RoVERs (Robotic Vehicle for Examination and Reconnaissance).

Search the island for materials that you can use to crafting items shown on the orderboard. Each of the items you craft will give out a different number of Mission Badges.

You can hire Halley Hunter as your temporary guide for a better chance of finding ingredients at landmarks.

Complete all three stages of Space Splashdown to win Claire de Lune for 10 days, and to unlock the Bonus Stage. Completing the Bonus Stage will give you 5 additional days to keep Claire.

Collect and exchange Constellation Cards to win an exclusive, COSMOS- approved decoration.

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