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Pyramid of the Lost Tribe!

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Community Moderator Posts: 385 Community Moderator
edited June 2019 in FAQs & Game Guides

Guess who Chief Kono is bringing to our island? It’s his niece Talia who’s been looking for a Lost Tribe of voyagers. She believes that these voyagers had passed our island many years ago and they had built a Pyramid. Lend a hand on this new expedition and win great rewards!

If you’re at least level 9, you will receive a pop-up to the Pyramid of the Lost Tribe event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update, or even reboot your device.

To start the event, tap the Research Station where Talia will be excavating for Artefacts.

You will need to supply orders that will help in excavating the different sections of the Pyramid.

Temporary Landmark: Lost Pyramid

The Lost Pyramid is a temporary area where you can search for rare items needed during the event.

The shapes of the Artifacts that we need to look for is shown at the left side of the board.

When you complete an order, it will turn into the shape of the Artifact that we are looking for.

A check mark means that you have collected that Artefact. The Artefact you’ve collected will give you Discovery Points.

Once you have collected all the Artefacts for one section then another section will unlock.

You can double the points you collect by using Boosts.

Keep excavating Artefacts to move up the Milestone bar.

Milestone rewards:

Milestone 1: Quick-Sand, 150 Coins, Signet Ring, XP, and Treasure Key

Milestone 2: XP, 200 Coins, 3 Gems, Anchor, and Quick-Sand

Milestone 3: XP, 400 Coins, and temporary use of farmhand Chief Kono for 6 days

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