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Moving me to a new tourney group on Sunday

shelcartershelcarter Member Posts: 12 Caribbean Cruiser

I was winning my tourney for the 1st time in months to only come in today and find out that I am in a whole new group that I can’t possibly win. This is not fair. Whether I keep playing after this stunt is up in the air. I can’t even express how mad I am!


  • BelaBela Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    Ya hoy pierdo después d tanto tiempo mi puesto cm diamante en resort esto es demasiado la gente se quejan y no hacen nada quiere decir k todos debemos ser deshonestos y empezá ahackear también para estar en esos niveles yo m he ganado cada punto trabajando compre cn mi dinero he gastado y siguen las injusticias yo nivel bajo cn niveles 80 y 85 no los ven xq nos ponen cn esas personas ya no deseo jugar y ya son años xq tengo en el club amigas no lo he cerrado antes lo hice

  • gr8shape2gr8shape2 Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum

    I feel ya, on thursday evening I was with players that were around the same points as me. On saturday I was placed in a group that was already making millions of points and instead of being in 3rd place like I was when tournament started I am now dead last. I am not ever playing tournament again. I have reported my frustration and all I get are a few gems to shut me up

  • schazzasmamaschazzasmama Member Posts: 10 Caribbean Cruiser

    This happens all the time....wish Zynga would stop doing this. Wish there was a way that you DID NOT have to play in the Weekly Tournament if you did not want to that week AND DID not get BUMPED DOWN if you DO NOT play. I actually hate the Weekly should be by CHOICE and not something you HAVE to do on a weekly basis. People DO HAVE lives outside of this game and sometimes DO NOT HAVE the time that is needed to spend trying to stay above 13.

    This is where Zynga DOES NOT CARE about its players. I have seen many beach club members and beach buddies stop playing and leave the game completely because of these Tournaments and Events they keep throwing at us. I wish Zynga would stop already and just let us play the game and have fun for once. All this cut-throat competition causes cheaters and hacks that then ruin the game for everyone else. Maybe if Zynga would STOP these competitions, the cheaters and hacks would then finally leave the game and we wouldn't see 1,000,000 crafting point scores in First Place...maybe then the game would be fun to play again, like it was in the beginning when I first started.

  • beth_wilkinsbeth_wilkins Member Posts: 207 Souvenir Collector

    It is getting very hard with the new levels competition is even more fierce. I wish they would start an opt in tournament like the county fair in Country Escape. If you want to compete you can, if you don’t you can continue on and play your game without demotion. Hint, hint Zynga.

  • shinashina Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum
    I am active player of this game. But from last few months, there are many cheaters in my tournament. Their scores are unbelievable without doing nothing. Please remove them from my tournament or place me in another tournament.
  • VickigVickig Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum

    I agree with all of the above. It's not fair the way we are place in the tournament.

  • arnhughesarnhughes Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    I absolutely agree!! It is infuriating as well as frustrating to be placed in a group where you cannot possibly win and top players are 20 levels higher than you. Who decides on placement anyway

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