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DeliaDelia Posts: 19Member Wave Watcher

Could we please get at least one Members Only store? It is very difficult to help members when we post items only to lose things to open store.


  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 223Member Souvenir Collector

    Unfortunately, there is a glitch in the game that is exploitable by cheaters if items can be locked to members only.

    I can see things that can be implemented to get around that (i.e. members post "buying" slots for items they want, and club members can fill them.), but in the meantime, here's how to try and make sure that your club members can get the items you're posting:

    1) Buyer goes into market tab from the chat, and switches to the "buddies and club members" tab.
    2) Exits back to the chat and tells the seller they're ready.
    3) Seller posts that it's going up and heads off to the tradeboat to put item up for sale.

    From there, as quickly as possible:
    4) Buyer exits chat completely
    5) Clicks back into the chat
    6) Immediately goes to the market tab (should still be on buddy market, if not, switch to it fast!)
    7) If seller/their goods are not at the top of that tab available to purchase from, repeat steps 4-6 as rapidly as possible.

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