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Does high scores have anything to do with tournament placement? I feel like I'm consistently placed

SunkissesSunkisses Member Posts: 64 Sandy Toes
Hi all. This is probably redundant but I notice a very wide range of low and top score difference with medal level. For example. ...I see diamond levels with maximum scores lower than my lowest scores. scores in global but I 'm being placed in tournaments with cloners who I am unable to keep up with. I work hard in events, cruises and tournaments, but feel this is back - firing and causing me to be placed out of my league, as I don't clone.or whatever they do to cheat. The system seems to be flawed. I'm silver 2 and already in tournaments where the top ranking score is around 40,000. My beach buddies at same level are able to level up with scores of 2000-3000. Why such a large gap for same medal level? Am I shooting myself in the foot ? At this rate I will never level up


  • SunkissesSunkisses Member Posts: 64 Sandy Toes
    Please delete. Answered for myself
  • SunkissesSunkisses Member Posts: 64 Sandy Toes
    Please delete as previously requested. 64 views but no recommendations.
  • AngelHelenAngelHelen Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

    I would also like to know the answer to this question because it’s happening to me too

  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,688 Lava Lounger

    I am not sure we know the algorithm that Zynga uses. I am always in with cheaters also that have millions and sometimes billions of points. I stopped trying and don't bother to open my tournament until it is time to collect any prizes. But even though I am not playing in the tournament, I am still consistently placed with people in the millions. I am level 80 and have been playing since the game opened and I am in Ruby (not even a diamond league.) I sat out a week as I was on vacation and only did the daily quest while I was gone and yet when I came back, I was still with cheaters. So I can't blame it on activity level.

  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,312 Monkey Temple Trekker

    @phantom same here, I play a lot and level80 but alwYs with the cheaters, giving up on these tournements, they increase diamond level to have 3 more level, and the cheaters are taking the top prizes.

  • TLCTLC Member Posts: 7 Beach Bum

    i am always in with cheaters and can't touch their scores... our team ran back to back boosts and to no end... i did get the highest scrore i have ever had which was like 625,000..... but that was non stop playing and many many boost... those cheaters rob us players that play fairly of any chance of an honest prize... so i basically have stopped trying... and when i report them absolutely NOTHING is done about it... so why bother....

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