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Start of Cruises Choosing Tasks & Not Enough Tasks for Me to Choose

Hollywood777Hollywood777 Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

Start of Cruises Choosing Tasks

I joined a great group and today was the first time I was off work and could start the cruise tasks with my team. I chose a task and it said the waters were choppy and someone else had selected the same task. No problem it makes sense. It is like we are all sharks trying to get tasks.
I chose a second task to finish 6 orders. I noticed other orders around mine being taken. And then the shuffling began. I hit the button to accept my task and instead of getting what I selected I somehow was given the cave task. I tried this two more times and was not given the correct task. The only way to fix this is would be at the beginning 30-60 minutes of the cruise the tasks stay where they are. As they are selected they have the claimed notice. I realize this would leave gaps between tasks, but at least you could get the cruise task you wanted to select. If two people select same task then the game decides who was first and tells both to try again.

Not Enough Tasks for Me to Choose

Since I work during the day I am not always able to be available to play the cruise until I get home from work (outside of today per prior notes). Last night I only had 6 tasks available. I noticed the this same issue today. Only six tasks available with the other 19-20 listed were not available to me since I am on level 30 and those 20 tasks are for people on higher levels. All of the remaining tasks are for habtiat, ship, photo, and boosts. I have never seen tasks with just items except the beginning of cruise tourney. I get we are a team and have to work together to get tasks done, but there needs to be enough tasks that when a large group of the team is on we can have tasks to get things done instead sitting and waiting on tasks.
My team has a yellow sticky and it says all players are expected to get 40 tasks everyday or will be removed. I don't have a problem with the rule, in order to be competitive with other teams you need strong players. I could do the tasks if they were available, but it seems we have to wait around for tasks to become available. I think some players hop on and try to get them all done in an hour.

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