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How are boosts distributed in a club?

palaceofparadise1palaceofparadise1 Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
While in a club, are all boosts available to anybody? I collect a ton of boosts personally and new club members come in and seem to use a Lot right off the bat. Are they using the “club” boosts or their individual boots? I’m getting tired of one person using 20/day if they are for the entire club.


  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,337 Monkey Temple Trekker
    edited February 2019


    Each member can use up to 20 boosts in 24 hours, they use their own boosts, but if they are a member of your club, you and every members enjoy the benefit also of their boosts. The only club boost that I am aware that exist, is the cruise club boost that you have to purchase for 100 gems.

    If anyone in your club starts a boost, it is available to everyone. All the boosts are individually owned, and the benefits are shared within the club.

  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,754 Lava Lounger

    I agree. The boosts are yours but most clubs work together a little on using the boosts to get the maximum benefit for everyone.

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