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Lighthouse Event

CobberCobber Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

Can someone tell me what exactly is suppose to happen when you get to your first level of the light house. What’s the 2 Day Boost Time suppose to be or do for me. I see nothing


  • TkikiTkiki Posts: 1,165Member Moko's Best Friend
    edited February 13

    It’s added to the time you will have the reusable boost when you complete the lighthouse. Each level you complete give you a chance to earn extra days for this reusable boost.

  • CobberCobber Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist
  • ChrisWChrisW Posts: 148Member Reef Diver

    It’s being given to small groups of people at a time (can fix bugs as they go along). Not an easy challenge and boost prizes could be explained better (Thanks Tkiki)

  • ChrisWChrisW Posts: 148Member Reef Diver

    So knowing we get nothing until we complete the final lighthouse makes me less likely to play. You end up using all your boathouse items on the order board and the rewards get less and less and then if you don’t complete the lighthouse you’ve just wasted everything.

  • TkikiTkiki Posts: 1,165Member Moko's Best Friend

    @ChrisW while you build the lighthouse you do have the option of winning items ( reward perks) from the pop up game (you will receive these at the end of the pop game), like gems, sand dollars, etc, as long as you are able to keep the Reward active. There is a goal set that you have to accomplish every 24 hrs to keep the reward active, which will let you win items right away.

    Here is the goal...(for me it’s 240 lava rocks, different for every players)

    So, if you have your reward activated, when you play the game, it will post in the right panel the rewards you can win for that game in addition to the paint rollers you earn to build the lighthouse.

  • Beachside224Beachside224 Posts: 10Member Caribbean Cruiser
    The Falls and Lighthouse are way to hard. I'm an every day player and still haven't even reached 200 yet.
  • SarahLouiseSarahLouise Posts: 61Member Sandy Toes

    I still don't understand how the boost thing for reducing time at landmarks works. I completed the first level and won a one-day boost. Does that mean that if I finish the lighthouse I will only have the boost for max five days (if I manage to finish the next two levels in time to get the bonus). If so it seems a lot of effort for not much reward.

  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 223Member Souvenir Collector

    You can keep reactivating your lighthouse once it's built. The length of the boost time is only how long it will last before you have to reactivate it again.

    You reactivate it by getting more builder tokens from the fruit pop game - I need 60 to reactivate, so it's a relatively low number compared to the number needed to build.

  • mellowdeemellowdee Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    I finished my lighthouse but now to keep it activated I need 820 of those stones. Why so many?
  • MrsM2_formyisleMrsM2_formyisle Posts: 37Member Beachcomber

    My question is, do we work so hard to get the lighthouse only to have it disappear on May 5?seems like that is what it says to me.

  • DragonmasterDragonmaster Posts: 5Member Beach Bum

    Wish i could play the lighthouse,still do not have the falls

  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,414Member Volcano Enthusiast

    @MrsM2_formyisle said:
    My question is, do we work so hard to get the lighthouse only to have it disappear on May 5?seems like that is what it says to me.

    Yes, we will lose it on May 5. Some of my club member had it earlier and theirs went away already.

  • MrsM2_formyisleMrsM2_formyisle Posts: 37Member Beachcomber

    Wow, all this work just to have a shorter wait time, for a short while? Don`t know if it's worth it. I am getting pretty good at hurrying up and waiting thanks to Zynga. :)

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