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Fruit Pop game - playing advice

SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 223Member Souvenir Collector
edited February 11 in General Discussion

We've been experimenting with optimal play to get the best return.

First - if you're not experienced with bubble shooters, there are a ton of free ones available. Download one or two, and practice. The [name of another game edited by Mod] series in particular is a popular one, but searching with the term "bubble shooter" will get you a wide variety of choice to practice aiming and bouncing off the side with.

After that, this is what we've gathered:

• 150 rocks for 50 stones appears to be a good average amount to go into the game with. More and you may not be able to use up all your stones before the timer runs out, less and you may run out of stones well before the timer is up with a lot of fruits left to be popped

• The slingshot does not just move within the game board, if you need to get further over for the bounce off the side, keep pulling off the side of the active board area. Not up or down - just to the side. It will keep pulling to the edge of your device screen.

• It is often better to aim at the cracks that hold up a line and take down a whole series of bubbles to get the fruits, than to aim at a specific fruit (and all the bubbles in the way to it). If you aim right between two bubbles you can often take them both down with one stone.

• The pointer appears to sight a little bit high for me. My sister says not an issue for her, but that it appears to be a little out of sync at the top of the board in general. Look for patterns for yourself, adjust your aim as needed.


  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,427Member Volcano Enthusiast

    Thanks for the great tips Surf Babe.

  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 223Member Souvenir Collector

    Update: As you get more familiar with the boards/shot mechanics, you can play faster. I'm up to a point where I'm going to start turning in for 60 stones at a time.

  • LolasLoveshackLolasLoveshack Posts: 29Member Coconut Collector
    I earned a bunch of lava rocks that should have converted into stones, but they disappeared when I went to play the game. It was the third time I played, so maybe it is just a bug?
  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 223Member Souvenir Collector
    edited February 14

    I did these for a member of my club yesterday, they may be useful for others in how to think about dropping whole lines or the whole board, rather than shooting at individual fruits and the bubbles in the way to getting to them.

  • LolasLoveshackLolasLoveshack Posts: 29Member Coconut Collector
    These are amazing!
    Question: I have been TRYING to figure out what "Reward Mode Active" meant. By looking at your screen shots, even though I have been "activated" FOUR DAYS in a row, I have received ZERO perks. Nothing shows up underneath my "Active" designation. ****!! Screwed again! Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on how to remedy? I have tried logging out and logging back in. I even turned my phone off then back on. I'm iOs if that helps...thanks!
  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 223Member Souvenir Collector

    It looks to me like "rewards mode" means that you can get the rewards shown on the side from some of the fruits (they don't all drop the builder's tokens). But I could be wrong about that.

  • McWomble64McWomble64 Posts: 164Member Parties with Monkeys

    As far as I’m concerned, you don’t want rewards mode because it takes away from the builder tokens you could be winning

  • McWomble64McWomble64 Posts: 164Member Parties with Monkeys
    edited February 16

    My opinion on the falls game.... it sucks!!!... if you get the reward mode you get rewards for hitting some of the fruit instead of the builders tokens, which means it is harder to complete the tower to get reduced times at the explorer areas.

    I have just gotten to the 1st lvl that gives me two day of bonus times

    I have 15 days to get to the next lvl (another 115 parts), and then I need another 150 parts to complete the tower, which will give me what? 4 to 7 days of reduce time on the explorer areas.

    The 1st board offered 4 lava rocks per order and was then replaced with with order that gave 2 lava when complete, now I’m only getting 1 lava rock per order. The cruise request are for item that must be made, require hard to get items ( vanilla) and only give 3 or 4 lava rocks. The only thing of some value is to complete the heli orders and send the heli off to get 10 lava rocks..

    The accuracy of the rock game sucks, there shouldn’t be a count down timer, and I’ve had screens where I have removed all the fruit and it hasn’t reset until I’ve wasted another rock shooting at the grid.

    It’s not as bad as bingo (which needs a major upgrade!! ) but it is a waste of time and effort in its current form.

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