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Wildlife issue

sydamtysydamty Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

I have uninstalled , rebooted ... it’s saved to the cloud in the App Store so what exactly do I do to get the wildlife ...I am on level 23 now and just found out there’s a glitch. Please help


  • misskrissy38misskrissy38 Posts: 10Member Beach Bum

    Wildlife is not an automatic open, touch the wildlife center ,there will be a clock display telling you when it will open. Also not everyone gets the wildlife it could still be on a slow roll out.

  • MousieMousie Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    why didn't my Wildlife Center open after the clock countdown ended?? it's been several days since clock ended and still nothin'. i'm over half way through level 23. shouldn't the Center have opened automatically??

  • MousieMousie Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    btw, i sent a message to Zynga support through the game a couple of days ago about this issue but still have yet to hear a peep from them. is this normal for Tropical Escape?? i've always gotten a quick response on other Zynga games, so i'm a bit surprised about this.

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