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Cannot make in app purchases

SeasideDreamsSeasideDreams Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

I cannot purchase using real currency in app
The error message is: Sorry, your purchase was not processed. Please try again. Thanks!
I do not have a screenshot
Restarted game and device
Andriod (Kindle Fire HD 8th Gen)


  • ncgirl16ncgirl16 Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    I'm having the same problem. every time I try to make a purchase, it says "Sorry, you're purchase was not processed." This app is really getting on my last nerve!

  • dickgraysonsfandickgraysonsfan Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    I also am unable to make a purchase. I did a force stop and restarted the game but I still have the same problem. I use Android on my Kindle fire.

  • mnellemnelle Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I am also having the same issue. Additional' my wheel to spin for prizes also repeatedly is giving an error message. I have restarted, cleared my cache and restarted again without success.

  • UltrasparkyUltrasparky Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I am having the same issues. Can't buy gems, says it Can t be processed. My prize wheel hasn't worked for almost a year. They will be losing me as a paying customer if this stuff doesn't get fixed asap

  • Pebbles11Pebbles11 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I am having the same issue..if they don't fix it soon or at least respond..they can expect to lose me and I've spent a ton of money on this game.

  • adriapettadriapett Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I am having the same problem. Can't make purchases in app for about a week now. Prize wheel has not worked in months. Only happening on my kindle. No issues in my cell. This needs to be fixed asap!

  • Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Posts: 1,173Community Moderator Community Moderator

    We appreciate your interest in purchasing game currencies, and we apologize if you're unable to do so using your Kindle device. The team already addressed this, and we suggest that you update your game to the latest version (1.47.1736) for the fix to take effect. It will also help if you will try these troubleshooting steps. If you're playing on other platforms, you can refer here: iOS | Android | Web.

    Being able to use the Prize Wheel depends on the availability of videos, but you can also try the troubleshooting steps given above.

    Since a new version was released, performing the workaround is still recommended, including those who have already tried it.

    Thank you for patience and cooperation, Tropic Hosts.

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