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nananan3nananan3 Posts: 42Member Shark Bait

With yesterdays update a member of my club got a 4 day bingo game to other events she wins prizes each stage...makes crafts in a tug boat...this all happens behind her coral this another mystery feature like the falls and once again zynga has decided not to explain anything....


  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,323Member Monkey Temple Trekker
    edited November 2018

    I was the only one in my club to get the bingo game. I haven't received the Falls yet though. I hope that this is just a test and they will be tweaking the bingo game before releasing it to the masses but it is super duper hard right now.

    You have to make tons of new recipes that require special ingredients to make. The drop rate on these ingredients is horrible. You get these ingredients at the coral reef, cave, shipwreck etc. But you usually get only one thing that drops like for instance, one "brown sugar". Then there are several recipes that require the brown sugar that you have to wait to drop. So one space on the Bingo game might require 8 cashew candy bars that you make using brown sugar and so you need 16 brown sugar to make them all. That would just be one space on the bingo board. Then several other spaces are asking for 6 or more items that also need brown sugar to make.

    It's freakin' hard to get one row of bingo and to win the prizes you need to get at least 12 rows of bingo in 3 days. I am level 80 and play lots of hours and all I am working on is the bingo game right now and ignoring the copter and the order board and also the tournament. There is still no way I will win the prize.

    So I am hoping I am one of many guinea pigs who are testing this bingo game and they will fix it so it isn't impossible to play before releasing it to the masses.

  • BoraBora62BoraBora62 Posts: 42Member Shark Bait

    Right.... it´s too difficult and time consuming and not sure it´s worth the effort. Im on lvl 60 now and I usually do well in tournaments, competitions etc but this one is way too hard to play, like phamton said, its too many ingredients to make and it takes too long to get the ingredients, and even after im done with the waterfall game now and have all landmarks taking half the time, it´s still too difficult. Me too hope it´s just a test because as it is right now it´s more or less impossible to fill up all the bingo rows. I hope they can make games and competitions that are not so hard and time consuming and that doesnt have a ton of special ingredients to make.

  • beth_wilkinsbeth_wilkins Posts: 195Member Mermaid's Scale Polisher

    @BoraBora62 totally agree. I’m looking at 125 items to make one bingo. Crazy not even going to play.

  • Martamichno48Martamichno48 Posts: 9Member Beach Bum
    Bingo!!!! Suuper fajna gra. Owszem. Trudna ale emocje duze i czas goni. Bardzo dobrze sie bawie. Dziekuje Zynga!
  • hbirrellhbirrell Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Bingo question. How the heck do you get the bonuses? There’s a bonus points for an arrow line or two lines, etc. I wasted gems buying boost. When I covered the entire card nothing happened. I sold a line and a new task (food) appeared. So the extra bonus points seem to be a mystery in how to obtain them.
  • MixhotelMixhotel Posts: 5Member Beach Bum

    Not worth the time and effort, just completed the “bingo” game, and apart from a few “fun prizes” what do you get.....a “prize locker” that give you a prize once every 10 hours, wow!!

  • BoraBora62BoraBora62 Posts: 42Member Shark Bait
    edited December 2018

    So not worth the time and energy! that game was impossible to play I think, way too many ingredients and too much of each. It takes the fun out of it. Also a prize locker that gives a little "prize" every TEN hours?? in reward for how many hours required to get it ???? do the math lol My advice, do not bother with this bingo game, it´s a waste of time and energy for nothing. I stopped playing after a while.

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