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New Levels

MjeMje Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

I have been on level 80 forever. When do the new levels come out?


  • FoxbelleFoxbelle Posts: 68Member Sandy Toes

    Good question, I just hit lvl 79 and if I can’t go past 80 what’s the point. I also want more crop plots, trees, machines, recipes, animals and so on. I’m starting to get bored.

  • Womble1964Womble1964 Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist

    I’m only lvl 53 and in no hurry to lvl up, I’ve got over $4 mil cr and climbing seeing as though there is nothing to buy. I have played two rounds of bingo and they both sucked, only hackers and rich gem users would enjoy it.
    Going by what I’ve read, some ppl have the pyroglyph falls area and they say it is a game that is hard to play and hard to win, probably along the same lines of “spend gems to win”

  • m3r5am3r5a Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I’ve been stuck on level 80 for a while now. If they don’t fix this soon I’ll be quitting, as what’s the point. I have the falls, it’s not hard, but you have to keep playing the pop game in order to win parts to make the falls again to get the timers on the landmarks.
  • TabithaTabitha Posts: 6Member Beach Bum
    I just reached level 30 but I've had Luis lookout for a long time now. Why is this giving me a quest I can't start until level 31 but says to expand West to find the lookout?
  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,281Member Monkey Whisperer
    edited January 26

    Not everyone follows the same expansion route. Some people at your level might not have discovered Luis Look out. So this is a heads up to them to expand to that area so they can make things from Luis.

    As far as it asking for things you can't make at your level, the game has always done that. You will often have quests up that ask you to do things at a higher level than you have achieved. You just have to wait to finish that quest after you get to that level. When I was at a lower level, I would do what I could on the quest at my level and then finish the quest once I got to the level required.

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