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Game perks are to hard to achieve

SopyeSopye Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

Zynga, you need to lower the cost of living and raise the bonus items. It cost to much for the purchases of workshops, trees, and new playing fields. I rarely have more then 10000 dollars at a time, and to spend 35000 for a free of 50000 for a workshop is ridiculous. Not only that, but each new place requires a special item. These are hard to get. Example, sand dollars. They are difficult to recieve, but are required for to many things and in to large quantities. Why can't the habitats see something a little easier to use for snacks. Also, you need to cut down on the times in the workshops. Come on, why does it need to take 2 or 3 hours per item. As for sea shells and vanilla, those come few and far between. The habitats also beat y go ing you the same animal over and over, a waste of sand dollars.


  • McWomble64McWomble64 Posts: 159Member Reef Diver

    @Sopye, don’t spend real money on buying sand coins, especially silver because the game is not balanced! Make items and sell them on the trade boat for maximum price to earn more money than completing trade board requests.
    If you continue to do this you’ll end up with un usable cash (like me, 4 mill with nothing to buy) and when you lvl up you can buy the next workshop straight up.
    Complete helicopter orders to gain extra sand coins and trade board requests if you can for the bonus sand coins.

  • SopyeSopye Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    edited October 2018
    Thanks for the tip, Mcwombie64. Problem with that is, I never get gold ones. They only seem to give coral with a few silver thrown in. But I'll keep trying.☺
  • NancijozNancijoz Posts: 34Member Dances with Dolphins

    I am very frustrated once again with the little added side game of Draculas wedding or whatever it's called. Once again it is impossible to get the items needed to complete. When you have to wait hours to play because getting items takes just that long and then you may or may not receive from the temple dive, spa etc, any of the items needed. Such a waste when it could be fun.

  • NancijozNancijoz Posts: 34Member Dances with Dolphins

    Needing or wanting to purchase extra for your Island is crazy. Why can't the items be purchased with coins? I feel the frustrations rising and now understand why so many players have stopped playing that were in my Club.

  • NancijozNancijoz Posts: 34Member Dances with Dolphins

    Is there anyway to remove players from clubs if they haven't played in the last 30 days (for example). Not sure why they join if they are not going to participate. Frustrating for those still playing.

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