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Find Beach Clubs & New Members - 08/08/18

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Posts: 188Community Moderator Community Moderator

Promote your Beach Clubs here, Tropic Hosts! Make sure to provide the needed information below so that it will be easier for other players to decide which Club to join.

  • Beach Club XP
  • Number of Guests shared by your members in the last week
  • Current Number of Members


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  • Bigred1970Bigred1970 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    Come join Bungalow Babes. We are new and would enjoy having a larger group.

  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Posts: 23Member Island Bound

    Cire's Beach Hut has a few open spots.

    About us:

    We're a friendly bunch who are casual but active. Club rules are real life comes first, and we're not trying to burn ourselves out going overboard with the game. We do the cruise ship to goal only, no interest in competing for Contest of Cruises rank.

    Help readily available with heli orders, sending guides, last part needed for upgrade/expansion, and game strategy for playing better not harder.

    We do coordinated boost runs that are not required participation, but are really helpful for stocking up stuff and racking up points for Top Resort tournament if you're around and want to join in.

    What we're looking for:

    • Lvl 18+,
    • Active daily (enough to complete a couple of heli orders and do your daily quest.)
    • Participate in cruise ships
    • Join in boost runs as time allows

    Please note: We will not boot you because you couldn't play for a few days. We ask that you notify us you'll be away for a few if possible, but we also pay attention to game issues and are aware when many people have been locked out by an update.

    If you're interested, please message me and I'll coordinate getting you into our club. Or apply in-game!

  • MidNyghtAnjel1MidNyghtAnjel1 Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    Hi we are The Fun TE Group we are looking for Players that Speak English ,were drama free ,we play in the CS, Events , and challenges .We are a Fun group of people we except men and women .We have been getting 1st places on the CS .You must have Facebook cause we do have a FB Group and messenger chat group .We have a lot of Fun cause this is a Game we Love to play .Thank you ,Rhonda Wyma Leader & Sylvie Perron Co Leader
  • GameBoyZyngaGameBoyZynga Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I have started up a new Beach Club called Adventurous Islanders. I am it's only member. It would be most beneficial if you joined.
  • kirbyskeeperskirbyskeepers Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    New beach club looking for active players! Come join Kirby’s keepers

  • AraneaCoraxAraneaCorax Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Hi! New group created - Island of Dr. Moreau and you don't have to be a fan of H. G. Wells to join! We are looking for active players that participate and want to have fun! Members must be at least a level 15 and I just hit level 30 myself. The group is open, not closed at all. Come grow with us and let's explore all the exciting flora and fauna Zynga has to offer!
  • mandy82mandy82 Posts: 15Member Caribbean Cruiser
    Chunky Monkey Island has a few spots open!!! we are a casual friendly helpful team, doesn't matter what your level is as long as your playing and leveling up!! most of us are daily players, we play cruises and help with helicopters and play boosts!!! we would love for you to come join!! :-)
  • tatted_beachBUMtatted_beachBUM Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Looking for an active beach club. Very competitive and active with my games. Need a club with active members that are helpful and competitive as well with achievements.
  • kimmismustangkimmismustang Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Just started new club..looking for active members a plus. The club name is " In It To Win It"
  • Robinhelenehebert7Robinhelenehebert7 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I just formed New Creation. Please join

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