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Curious why people join clubs if not going to be active?

GaylearmGaylearm Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

Seems only one or two people help out on cruises etc? I really
don't understand why people join if not going to help out?

You could just play w/buddies if you want to visit only and not participate.
And then leave room in group/club for those who do.


  • beth_wilkinsbeth_wilkins Posts: 195Member Mermaid's Scale Polisher

    I think people get busy or bored and stop playing. We have longtime members who play in bursts. Our club is almost full but only 5-10 of us play regularly.

  • beachiesbeachies Posts: 20Member Island Bound
    Our group has the same three people carrying the rest. The problem is as I kick people out they are replaced with newbies who have no clue and mess us all up. I explained the rules of my club. How to use boosts they will not listen. And I’ve had to report some very rude people. I’m 53 in the level and playing with people in 11 12 and 16. People who are established aren’t looking for clubs
  • BugabooBugaboo Posts: 53Member Pineapple Purist

    I boot them out if a month goes by and they don't play. If you are going to be away, give me a heads up in the chat. I have open club but must be level 28 and up and do cruise ship event. We want active players and who know how to utilize boosts
    I'm finding that half the club carries the rest in the cruises. Some just do the 5 to get rewards.
    Ready to boot them out too.

  • DecoluxDecolux Posts: 12Member Caribbean Cruiser
    Can't do anything ... Same problem with my club.. kick them before get Awards .. and check also WRR points of new members ..
  • BeachygirlBeachygirl Posts: 40Member Shark Bait
    edited September 2018
    Some join just to have access to boosts and get guests. All take and no give.
  • heilenaheilena Posts: 164Member Parties with Monkeys

    There are so many non-participatory clubs that when people finally come across one that functions as a real club, some aren't used to it. We get people who join and never respond when spoken to, and some who tell us that out of all the clubs they have joined no one has ever spoken.

    We quickly remove those that don't speak.

  • LeslieLouLeslieLou Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    I understand what you are saying as I was recently removed from a club for not responding. Sometimes it was difficult to see when they were speaking to me because they chat so much. I couldn’t play and keep up with the chats. 50 chats in a few minutes was a lot. I was removed before I could even respond. Guess it wasn’t the club for me.
  • AlexianAlexian Posts: 6Member Beach Bum
    This is an interesting discussion, I have belonged to a few clubs but I love to play and really wanted an active one. I hopped around and then made my own so that I could do the cruise. But then - someone joined my club Lol. The member is low level and working his or her way up and playing everyday - gives me fertilizer and guests when I ask - but doesn’t talk. I never had the intention to be a ‘leader’ - I never thought anyone would want to join my club!!! I don’t know if I should push the talking thing or set rules or just let it be and see what happens. Any advice?
  • JanetDJanetD Posts: 37Member Beachcomber

    I'm the owner of my club and we agreed that real life is more important and we would play as we could. Some people just don't feel comfortable chatting or are just too tired to chat and I am fine with that. If they send guests, sunshine and help out, that's all I ask. Previously I went from a club with only three active members that did not chat at all!!! to a hyper you must chat every time you are on or get booted club and I found myself hating the game. So that's when I created a new club and some of the more laid back people came with me and we are enjoying playing again.

  • vonavona Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I am new to the game. I've been playing 3 weeks and I'm on level 17 moving up daily. I need a club that doesnt mind if i dont chat much. I send sunshine and vist my beach buddies daily. I just need a club that wont boot me out after my first day of playing...which is what happened to me. I have found that i cannot use my boosts i have earned because im no longer in a club.
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