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Missing items

sschoen77sschoen77 Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
I will start something like making a candle for instance. Then come back to the game and most of the time the stuff will be waiting for me to click on and it goes to my storage and I can use it, however I’ve noticed more and more that I make it, I come back and it’s not made but the ingredients it took for me to make that item are gone as if I actually did make it! The game is stealing from me! It’s frustrating when it is vanilla or something that takes a bit to even get.


  • GramgramGramgram Member Posts: 21 Island Bound
    I'm having the same issues . Even when I purchase items they're not showing up in my storage. Just purchased 9 parfaits 15 min ago. We just ed started the booze cruise. They're gone. My money was taken too. That's another hair pulling deal. We spend time making our items to have them disappear....we buy things too they disappear. I've sent emails complaining about these issues. I'm still waiting 4 an answer. It's getting worse. I spend lots of time playing on little sleep but it's getting not to b worth playing anymore
  • GramgramGramgram Member Posts: 21 Island Bound
    I'm so tired of purchasing items it takes my money the item is purchased by someone else. I've sent emails & told they will look into it. But it seems they are not doing a thing. Instead I rec an email asking how well r they doing. I'm so sick of loosing the money I've earned as well as items. I don't thk they really look into our issues
  • KalisKalis Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    I have been having the same problems, harvesting items never get to my silo, items i have purchased from others not showing up. I really enjoy this game, but this is really getting tiresome. Even recorded my screen to show what is happening, and they told me they couldnt view it. Come on they are programmers. I am very frustrated, i just grow like two cotton, use the sunshine to grow faster, but no cotton show up, 3 different times.
  • daisy116daisy116 Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    Same issue here especially when my game crashes. I have no idea how much has been lost.
  • TnkarenTnkaren Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum

    I have a request for seaglass earrings, that's supposed to be made at the jeweler. But it's not shown there. Has anyone else noticed that?

  • TnkarenTnkaren Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum

    ps. There's also a 5 point star after the word Seaglass earrings.

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