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Cruise Ship: Error Code 0



  • DarshDarsh Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
    Even from yesterday, I got pop of remove from the group. So couldn't able to send the guest to the group members and help them but I can read their messages in chat. I really don't understand what's going on..??😤🤨🤔
  • DarshDarsh Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
  • SurfBabeSurfBabe Member Posts: 223 Souvenir Collector

    Darsh, you have to drag the items down ONTO the visitor to fulfill the guest's order. Just click on any item from the filled order, when you start to drag it downward on to the guest, they will all move together. The checkmark only shows that you can complete their order now. Once you've completed their order by dragging the items on to them, they will disappear from your island.

  • amberjeenamberjeen Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Mine won’t fill the visitors orders when I drag down. It’s been doing this for the last 3 cruises.
  • msd8zmsd8z Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    So, how do you help the cruse members in group chat?
  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,337 Monkey Temple Trekker
    edited April 2019

    @ginjoint @Smg3480 @msd8z @LexaTheKatsumiBaby @Princess in Pink
    So far, the game does not permit to fill the rest of the order for your members, it would be a nice addition.

    When you press on ‘You can help in Chat!’ it just bring you to your chat. I guess you could let your members know you have the items missing, but the game does not offer you the option to sell directly or fill directly the orders, so by putting it on the market for them to buy, you take a risk of having that items bought by someone else.

    It would be a great suggestion that we could use that option to transfer directly to our members those items by clicking on this button. This option in my opinion, is redundant at the moment the way it is.

    A nice addition, and my suggestion would be for members to highlight which item they need help with, like in the helicopter, and we could just click on it to fill it for them.

  • pontoongirlpontoongirl Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

    Club members use the chat to communicate with each other what they need for cruise orders. The member with the items then posts them for sale when the person in need is ready to buy. So help in chat just means that you communicate with each other...not actually fill each others orders

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