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Why can't I start Round 2 of the Catch the Monkey event?

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Posts: 250Community Moderator Community Moderator
edited July 2018 in Updates & Announcements

* * * Update as of 3:36 PM PST * * *

Good news! We're glad to inform you that this is now fixed! Be sure to have the latest game app version (ver. 1.36.1483) installed.

To update your game app, please check the link below:

For iOS devices:
For Android devices:

* * * End of Update * * *

We have identified that some players are unable to start Round 2 of their Catch the Monkey games. We are already looking into this and made sure that our best people are working on finding a solution for you.

Thanks for your patience.

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