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Game play question

sherrie58sherrie58 Posts: 55Member Pineapple Purist
I'm on level 46 and on my clipboard I have 2 tasks that require product from level 47. I'm not even halfway through level 46. How am I supposed to be able to finish those? It's not fair to me. Please help.

Best Answer

  • Lieutenant_ColumboLieutenant_Columbo Posts: 87Member Sun-lovin' Surfer
    Accepted Answer

    I think it is Zynga's way of prompting you to level up faster with additional efforts :) I have the same thing... The good thing is these quests (in quests) are not time constrained, so no worries there...On Cruise mission the orders - the clipboard is for all the club, everyone in your club gets the same order list, which means someone in your club is on level 47 or higher...

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  • JulieSJulieS Posts: 102Member Hot Spring Indulger
    I'm also on level 46, also not even halfway through and also with quests on my clipboard that I can't possibly do but like @Lieutenant_Columbo says there is no time constraints so they will still be there when you get to level 47. I noticed these type of things way back when I was in the mid 20's (level wise not age lol) but I knew I'd get them done because there was no time limit.
  • Nanasgot8Nanasgot8 Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist

    How do you see others requests? Like if somebody needs something to complete their Helicopter how do I see their requests? Thanks for your help!

  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,258Member Monkey Whisperer

    On your buddy list their are three tabs. One is to see what level they are at, one is for how many crafting points they have and one is to see copter requests. Then you have to visit their island and click on their helicopter.

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